resim1Founded in 1995, The Turkish  Water Foundation (TWF) is a nonprofit-organization based in İstanbul, Turkey and dedicated to educating  and motivating all Turkish people to care for and about the vital role that water  plays in the health, economic growth and quality of life. Through symposiums,  community partnerships and other outreach efforts, we are engaging and  empowering citizens to take personal responsibility for conserving and  preserving water resources in Turkey.

Thousands of committed  Turkish people have participated in its activities about the needs for a safe  and reliable supply of water for a growing nation.

TWF’s Board of Directors includes individuals who  believe that the best long ranging efforts are the result of an educated and well  informed public.

TWF encourages young people interested in careers in all  aspects of water including water science research support facilities.resim2

In celebration of World  Water Day, every year on March 22, TWF hosts events bringing governmental and  local leaders, academicians, politicians and water experts together to review  the many emerging issues concerning security and protection of Turkish water reserves.

TWF also offers a variety of technical, academic and  social books.

TWF has organized numerous national and international  events and programs for the improvement of water quality.

Water Engineering Research and Development Center  (WERDEC) has also been founded under the auspices of TWF.

The objectives and tasks of the center are based on  the general guidelines as below;

  1. Collection, analysis and dissemination of information  related to water engineering.
  2. Organization of conferences, symposiums, national and  international seminars, advanced and graduate courses related to the activities  of the center.
  3. Organization of research programs in collaboration  with local, regional, national and international institutions.

This center also organizes an annual International  Advanced Course on Water Resources Data Analysis.

Renewable Energy Research and Development Center (RERDEC) is established under the auspices of Water Foundation in İstanbul, Turkey.

The objectives and tasks of the center can be summarized below;

  • Organization of conferences, symposiums, national and international seminars, advanced courses and graduate courses related to the activities of the center. The general subjects of the RERDEC are listed as energy, energy and environment, hydrogen, hydropower, solar energy and wind power.
  • Organization of research programs in collaboration with scientific, national and international.