Author : Zekai ŞEN

Groundwater resources are among the most significant water supply reservoirs which are not appreciated in humid zones to its utmost importance. Every straight line on a semi-logarithmic paper is regarded as the opportunity to apply the classical Jacob straight-line method without distinction whether the aquifer is porous or not whether there are recharges into the aquifers of not. It is fixed in this book that not every straight-line on a semi-logarithmic paper represents such a case. Different new methodologies are presented in this book for the aquifer parameter evaluation which are not available collectively and comparatively in any other publication. Almost all the techniques in this book are presented into the groundwater literature by the author. As a new direction for search of anisotropy and heterogeneity, the hydro-geophysical concepts are presented in this book which help to identify aquifer parameter changes after each time-drawdown measurement.

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